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Music Written, Recorded and Produced

by Robert Szymanek © 2020

Artwork by Robert Szymanek © 2020

Mixed by Al Lawson

Mastered by Pete Maher

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1. Flight Recorder

A black hood is coming down over my head,
I can’t see anymore, but I can hear the footsteps, the blade…

Here is my life,
Above that: my price
Above all: profit.

A brown paper bag is coming down over my head, and
I can’t see anymore, but I can feel the pressure…

Here is my being,
Above that: my image,
Above all: profit.

A plastic bag is coming down over my head, and
I can smell the seagulls, the seal, the whale, and
I don’t care anymore…

Here is our home,
Above that: progress,
Above all: profit.

2. Ex-

Out of
Completely without
From within
In regard of
From which time
Deprived of


3. Cockroach

Squirming in a kind of glee,
Oily skinned, slightly shiny,
Rolling newsflash on TV,
Second-screening, latest streaming.

Wriggling in my seat at leisure,
Watching is my kind of pleasure,
Must be so sad, I feel their terror,
These are desperate times, these are desperate measures.

Push the button, pull the trigger,
Popcorn popping, easy dinner,
Distance is a kind of armour,
Spine is crawling: no survivors.

Names are turning into numbers,
Lesson-learning in their honour,
This is good for the planet, this is how we make things better,
Nuke ‘em / cruelness / kindness / Nature.


4. Nutshell

We are dividing up us
We are judging us negatively
We are accusing us
We are blaming us
We are scorning us
We are de-humanising us
We are abusing us
We are attacking us
We are hurting us
We are killing us

We are bringing this suffering to ourselves
To us
For we do not understand
We do not know
What we are doing is to us

We do not yet see
We do not yet realise
What we are doing is to us
It is to us

Our beauty
Our body
Our heart
Our mind
Our spirit
Our love
Our joy
Our life

So it is to us that I say my prayer of hope:

May we see ourselves in each other
May we see one another in ourselves
May we see beyond our differences
May we see ourselves as all the same
May we then know each other
May we then understand one another

So that:

We will not divide up us
We will not judge us negatively
We will not accuse us
We will not blame us
We will not scorn us
We will not de-humanise us
We will not abuse us
We will not attack us
We will not hurt us
We will not kill us

We will not bring this suffering to ourselves
To us

It is to us that I say my prayer of hope


5. Guilt Trip

It’s never too much
It’s never enough
It’s always too little
And always way too late

I’m sorry.

The self-flagellation of three or four generations in
Every industrial nation will prevent the repetition of
Similar degrees of devastation

Are you sorry?

I got my doom now
I got my broken planet
I got my pointy finger and I’m gonna point it
I’m gonna start now

It’s never enough
It’s never too much
It’s always too little
And always way too late

6. Shock Treatment

My pounds of sound are loud,
I want you to be happy,
My sticks’ll beat the shit,
A brick to hit the
Window of your house of sorrow.
My whacks attack the black that’s
Stacked and hacked and cracked and knackered
I’ve come, I’ve got my drum,
You’ve got your glum, but
I can beat it, let me beat it out of you like
Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!

My cheer will pierce your ears,
Deflate the fears that you’ve been holding onto
Oh-so-near, Dear!
I shout, I spout, I clout your doubt,
I shake it till I break it,
This is love we’re making.
I scream the dream I mean to see you beam
Supreme, before the ending of the evening I bet

Drums are ringing,
Music’s ringing,
Bell’s are ringing,
Hearts are ringing,
Ears are ringing,
Joy is ringing,
Ringing-singing out of you like
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

I want you to be happy

7. Headspace

It’s in the air
What my stomach said

Hidden hideout

Confidence is digging deep and getting down and
Knowing how:


Confidence: is knowing how the future falls and

Keeping calm:

Confidence: Sun through the clouds a
Feeling in the face of doubt:

8. T Minus One

Save me
See me
Face me
Save me

9. Almost

Cos there has to be an answer,
We will find it there somehow.
There’s a way out, and we’ll get there.
We don’t know it but we’re just around the hill from it.

Cos there has to be an answer,
We will find it there somehow.
There’s a way out, and we’ll get there.
We will know it when we see it.

10. There For Me


There for me

So dumb

Couldn't see

Didn't know

Just how much

You cared

Now I know

Now I see

You are with me



By my side



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